Movie Review: Fist Fight

By Katherene Garry, Movie reviewer


Fist Fight (comedy)


Fist Fight is about a high school teacher named Andy (Charlie Day) surviving the last day of high school before summer vacation starts. Not only does he have to avoid senior pranks and the fear of losing his job because of budget cuts, he finds himself pissing off the toughest teacher in the school.unnamed-21After he gets Ron (Ice Cube) fired, he challenges Andy to a fist fight at the end of the school day. Throughout the movie, Andy is trying to find a way to change Ron’s mind, but always ends up making things worse.unnamed-20Whoever cast this movie did a really good job because the cast took their part and made it their own. However, I feel like the script was a little loose and it could’ve been tightened up. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of funny moments in there, and I guarantee that you’ll say, “Oh my God” at least two times.

I give Fist Fight: 🔥🔥🔥