Introducing TrillSinatra

Interview by Melanie Wolfe


Introducing TrillSinatra

The music duo, TrillSinatra, consists of Tre Wright and Bobbie Trill from Clayton, Georgia. The duo raps, sings and produces their own music.

Melanie: TrillSinatra, can you describe your music style?

Tre: Smooth rap vocals over hard hitting drums. It’s heavily inspired by southern hip hop.

Bobby: Sample based for sure but with a third coast, trill, r&b flavor to it. I don’t honestly know how to else to describe it. All I know is it can’t be put in a category.


Melanie: When did you discover your love for music?

Tre: I’ve been involved in fine arts my entire life. Acting, dancing, and writing have always been apart of who I am, so the love of music just came naturally. Once I began writing poetry in 9th grade that’s when my fascination for wanting to create music began.

Bobby: When I wrote my first rap in fifth grade, a girl in my class asked me to write a rap about basketball during recess. From there it just developed into writing and producing. So thank you to the girl that told me to rap. She knows who she is.

Melanie: How did your duo come together?

Bobby: My junior year of high school. We had just got a studio built in our fine arts building. So I decided to record a mixtape there. I was hanging with a group of friends that knew Tre and they said he could rap circles around me. I knew he could write cause he had sent me some stuff prior through Facebook. I invited him to one of my sessions, threw on a beat, and watched him go. It was crazy how versatile he was at such a young age. He killed it every time. That year we dropped like four mixtapes.

Melanie: Who has been your biggest inspirationpexels-photo-270288 in the music business?

Tre: I’m inspired by so much but if I had to pick I would definitely say Pharrell, Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, and Childish Gambino. Their talent, work ethic, and uniqueness goes unmatched. I’m also inspired by the 70’s as an entire musical era. So much greatness happened during that time.

Bobby: This is a hard question because I draw so much inspiration from many rappers and producers. Just to name a few: Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Metro Boomin, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, Curren$y, Outkast, Big Krit, J Cole, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Master P, Slim Thug, Drake, Kanye, Honorable C Note, TM88, Southside, and we can’t forget, Dj Screw.

Melanie: What advice would you give someone wishing to pursue and live their dreams?

Tre: Patience. If the talent and passion is there then your time will come but don’t rush it. Most blessings aren’t given to us until we’re prepared and can handle them so be patient. It’ll happen.

Bobby: Honestly, just keep at it. I know it sounds ‘cliche’ but it’s true. We started off rapping on beats from other artist now we make our own. Practice makes perfect. Trust me.

Melanie: We wish you both great success!

Listen to TrillSinatra on SoundCloud:

Follow them on Twitter: @Ocean_Sinatra and @LUCCIxLUCCIANO.