Zombie with a Shotgun: Web Series, Comic and Feature Film

Filmmaker Hilton Ariel Ruiz talks about his franchise Zombie with a Shotgun.

Q: Hilton, hi, thanks for stopping by Inigo Online to talk about your franchise. You’ve created a web series; you’re currently raising money for the film adaption, and you are working on a comic series as well. This is all very impressive!

Hilton: Thank You!

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Q: Can you tell us what Zombie with a Shotgun is about?

Hilton: Zombie with a Shotgun is going to be that zombie film where all the rules we know about zombie films go right out the window. In this zombie film, the zombie will be the hero and it will have others (zombies) to help out on the war against the humans. The story follows Aaron who isn’t sure if he is infected with the zombie virus or some other infection. He takes this journey with his girlfriend Rachel and his shotgun where they both find out the deep secrets among the zombie virus and their love life.


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Q: You have a crowdfunding campaign going on over at Gofundme and it’s doing really well. Tell us more about the campaign.

Hilton: The Gofundeme campaign is to help with the post production. Such as the edit, sound, score, mix and etc. Here’s the campaign page 



Q: How will the film be different from the web series and comics?

Hilton: There is a bit difference between the film to the series and comics but overall they’re all parallel each other.


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Q: Adapting the story into a comic will be interesting. Graphic novels are huge right now. When and where will the comics be available?

Hilton: The comic will be out in spring of 2017. It will be available for digital download. Pre-order your copy at Rats and Crows Publishing.

Q: Where did you get the idea for Zombie with a Shotgun?

Hilton: I always wanted to create my own interpretation of the zombie genre. I always felt that we needed to explore what was going on in the mind of the infected person. Why is it in most of the Zombie films they turn there back on them. That’s where I had the chance to make the zombie the protagonist of the film and take on everyone that turned their back on them.



Q: How did you get into making films?

Hilton: When I was younger, I had access to a RCA VHS Camcorder where I created short films with it. The passion never stopped as I continued to learn the craft and still this day I’m creating films.

Q: What has been the greatest and most difficult experience in making this project?

Hilton: I would have to say the most difficult part in making this film was the heat. We shot the film in the hottest month (August) of New York. There was about five days in a row of 90 to 95 degrees and the locations didn’t make it better. At the end we managed and it was all worth it.



Q: You have a clear vision for your franchise, so where do you hope to see Zombie with a Shotgun in a few years?

Hilton: I hope we can get it into a bigger stage where we can have a big budget for a feature or even have it as a television series.

Q: What has been the most fulfilling part of your creative journey?

Hilton: The most fulfilling part is getting the experience and learning every time I get the chance. I’m very pleased to see how this project started to where it’s now. Any zombie would be proud of it.

Q: Hilton, thank you for taking the time to do an interview with Inigo Online. We are excited about your project and look forward to seeing Zombie with a Shotgun become a smash hit! Please keep us updated on the progress of your film and future works.


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