Movie Review: The Founder

By Katherene Garry

The Founder (Drama)

The Founder is a true story about how Ray Kroc took McDonald’s and made it into a billion-dollar empire. The movie starts off as Ray, a salesman goes to different businesses to sell milkshake makers. He gets a call from California requesting to purchase a few milkshake mixers. He’s curious to why they are so interested in the product and travels to California and that’s when history was made.

Ray was so impressed on how brothers, Richard and Maurice, came up with an idea on how to quickly serve food to customers, that he took it and made it his own. You can tell that Michael Keaton, who played Ray Kroc, did his script analysis. I kept thinking that he was Ray Kroc himself. Not only did he play the part well, but the other actors were just as good.


You could definitely see the transition between the beginning of taking the business to after he was in charge of the business. The only issue that I have with this movie is that I wished that they would have showed something to announce that it was a new year when something occurred. It made it seem like everything happened in one week.

I wasn’t expecting for this movie to change my feelings about McDonald’s. So be prepared to leave the movie theater a little angry.

This gets 🔥🔥🔥🔥