Through the Lense with Max Lopez

Max Lopez is eighteen-years-old and even though he says photography is just a hobby, he has an eye for those precious moments only seasoned photographers seek to capture. Photography has become a way of life for him as he says, “I need to go out with my camera almost every day.” If he doesn’t, he claims, “I feel a bit empty.” Living in Barcelona, Spain, he spends his days clicking and preserving every moment.
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“I usually play with lights and shadows when I take pictures. In this case, I took it to a portrait. The sunlight focuses on her eye and creates a depth in her gaze.”
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“I like photographing strangers and capturing moments. And I like this one because of the smoke of the cigarette. It kind of symbolizes that she is thinking.”
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“Again playing with lights and shadows. This is a picture in the middle of a big street in Barcelona. It’s full of people out there but you can only see two of them because of the accentuated darkness of the shadow.”
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“You have infinite possibilities with a camera. You can transform a static picture into a moving one.”
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“A frozen lake is a good place to take pictures. You have the white background and the natural light reflecting on the ice. There’s also something magical when you’re walking on a frozen lake. The atmosphere is very quiet.”
“I’m always excited when I find a new way to take pictures. Now with my analog camera I’m trying the multi-exposure option. I enjoy it because you can create strange landscapes just by taking a few pictures in the same frame.”
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