All my life I’ve been learning how to let go.

Now there’s a Disney song that tells me I should do it so

I’m letting go of things right from the get-go.

It’s damage limitation to cut it off before it grows.

My aims they never change, the same goals I aspire to.

My inners are predictable, the circuits that I’m wired through.

Give me an inch and I would walk a thousand miles for you,

and it’s the same for any person I’m attracted to.

I’m gazing inwards though I know exactly where that leads,

I’ll only blind myself, won’t see the forest or the trees,

and when I find myself I’ll be all out of memories;

countless recollections of you escaping, running free.

When this is said and done, approaching the resulting station,

I’ll be thankful that I’ve finished this self-exploration.

Another victim of self-applied asphyxiation

that breeds these tales of letting go and revelation.


I never asked for a long career

or a partnership that would end in tears

but to try these things was to dispel my fears

that my life was wasted as the endpoint nears.

And now regret is plain to see,

I drown in self-reflective poetry

but found no inner-peace as was guaranteed,

just doomed to let the room consume and trap me.

All these things I could never say

at a time when it mattered and things could have changed,

but it’s a solo quest when you’re searching for peace,

and no-one wants to talk to the ghost at the feast.


Even the weakest of threads

can suspend some weight

and the dryest of rivers

can rehydrate.

Some people barely weigh

a hundred pounds

but can pack the punch

of a heavyweight.

So be proud of your idiosyncrasies

and don’t be swallowed by insecurities,

I don’t care what anyone thinks of me

I’m ambivalent to fame and infamy.

Notoriety’s never been a thing for me,

always the journalist, never the interviewee.

I’m so sick of stitching up this tapestry

when it could be others pitching my effigy.

So don’t cower from empowerment

or shower in bewilderment,

spirit is an instrument

with which you’ll find encouragement.

We can’t all float like butterflies

or be confidence personified,

but curiosity deserves to be satisfied

and your life’s not pre-cast,

don’t let it pass you by.