“Are You Experienced?” by Vince Gotera



“Are You Experienced?”


In the Church of Saint Jimi, purples and blues 
played in the gold haze of the spotlight. 
A glass butterfly slicing through 

Spanish forests on ebony nights. 
At Monterey, Jimi’s hips 
had thrust vermillion into white 

hot flames. Strumming with lips, 
fingers, tongue—Hendrix had spiraled 
into our brains, fired the wicks 

of our secret candles. We fed on his crystal 
bones like vampires at some vile feast. 
How could we have known how brittle 

he really was? That the prince was just 
a mirror? His flesh, only flesh? 

First appeared in Dragonfly by Vince Gotera (Pecan Grove Press, 1994)


Vince Gotera is a Professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa, where he served as Editor of the North American Review. Recent poems in The American Journal of Poetry, Star*Line, Parody Poetry Journal, Altered Reality Magazine, and Eunoia Review, among others. He blogs at The Man with the Blue Guitar http://vincegotera.blogspot.com.