Letter to Hendrix in Paradise by Vince Gotera



Letter to Hendrix in Paradise

                           After Richard Hugo


Dear Jimi,
                         How’s it going up there in Zion? They give you
a Strat? Or better yet, an SG? A wall-to-wall Marshall stack?
Man, you should put together a new power trio. With wings.

Buddy Miles could play drums, right? Yeah, I know you
two were already in Band of Gypsys. Cut you some slack:
if it works, it works. You playing for the King of Kings.

Get Jack Bruce on an SG bass. Two SG’s! Now there’s a true
irony: devil horns on each cherry—no, candy-apple-red—ax.
Rock of Ages, knocking on heaven’s door!
                                                                                             Yours in Eb, Vince.


Vince Gotera is a Professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa, where he served as Editor of the North American Review. Recent poems in The American Journal of Poetry, Star*Line, Parody Poetry Journal, Altered Reality Magazine, and Eunoia Review, among others. He blogs at The Man with the Blue Guitar http://vincegotera.blogspot.com.