Featured Musician: Nick Romeo on His Journey

By Nick Romeo

True pain is watching a loved one suffer and being unable to help. That is how I felt watching my wife suffer in the intensive care unit one cold night on February 28th, 2009.

Well, let me backtrack. I married my best friend in 2002. We do everything together, including rock-out and create art. We started our band Surviving the Odyssey in 2004(ish) and played our first gig in the Summer of 2005. We had the opportunity to perform for audiences in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and several other venues around the Pittsburgh area. Surviving the Odyssey’s music is also featured on many compilations. One of many is Electronic Saviors, Industrial Music to Cure Cancer – Vols 1 and 2.

In 2009 we were scheduled to open for Freezepop, but as mentioned above my wife/the lead singer got very sick and had to go to the hospital. She stayed 12.5 days receiving a multitude of tests and treatments, then got released. From there she underwent outpatient therapy.

During this time, I went through all the usual emotions, which are tied to the usual questions: Why is this happening? Did I do something wrong? When will it end? While helping her, I also pushed myself further into my arts. I started a glitch, IDM project named The Simulation Hypothesis. I got the name from typing this into Google:  belief that we are living in a dream worldIt brought me to a site with a thesis by Nick Bolstrom entitled, ‘Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?’

I finished the first album named Messenger Theory within a few months. It received an award from the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and the project subsequently was accepted into The Three Rivers Art Show as a full multimedia/installation art piece.

Shortly after the second album of The Simulation Hypothesis, I started another project entitled The Odd Endeavor. This project captured more of the harshness of life – not only from experiencing a family member getting sick, but also dealing with bullies and the constant collapsing of society. These tracks posted are from the latest CD from The Odd Endeavor entitled, i‘ve grown tired of humanity.

My wife is stabilized and is moving forward quite well. She is just about ready to release her solo project called Indigo Machine, while she continues to create visual arts. Since the hospital visit, Surviving the Odyssey has released several albums. It has been featured in multiple compilations. We have displayed our art in a multitude of shows, and we have enjoyed this life with even greater appreciation than before.

Check out my music on any digital download site, and please visit our page, the links on cdbaby. Thanks for reading.


Nick Romeo utilizes technology to create his art. Nick’s main forms of expression are 3D digital renderings, poetry, music, fractal generations, photography, and sculpture.