Enso by Lisa K. Salerno

A brushed circle, the enso is a traditional calligraphic motif used as a symbol of enlightenment, the present, completion. It is also used to denote space.


Flying through the air
Along the road where the shopping bags
Dangle from trees like
Phantoms caught in a web

There are no ragged old ladies
Pushing shopping carts, no traffic or noise—
Just me and the lush greenery of
A farm that once was…

Cerulean sweeps the atmosphere;
It wraps around the sky like a stretched piece of silk
Carrying me further into the emptiness until
I am without form, transparent and weightless.

I want to trace circles around everything
Distinguishing each fine detail woven in,
To create a world of loosely brushed circles
Over the rigid, unyielding lines.

LisaKSalerno.com Lisa K. Salerno is an Art Writer with the London-based publication Niji Magazine, and Art Editor and a regular Art Columnist at Inigo Online. Her art and writing has also been featured in the Autism Speaks website, the Artful Vagabond, The Connecticut River Review and in several other online and print publications.