Featured Artist: Clyde Haber

Artist Clyde Haber, born in 1979, is from Malta. He comes from a family of artists and grew up with a love for drawing. Clyde participated in art courses at various local institutions while honing and developing his craft. Today he works primarily with oils and has a particular fondness for designs and patterns. The clean lines and vivid colours found in pop art and hard edge inspires his work today. Clyde’s art has been in numerous exhibitions in the Malta area.


ALEGRIAS 120x120

‘Allergies’ oil on canvas 120 cm x 120cm

The inspiration for this piece came from my time spent in Jerez Spain famous for flamenco dancers and the intricate patterns that the matador have on their blazers. I also took inspiration from the works of Salvador Dali’s long shadows.


Liefde 70 x 90cm

‘Liefde’ oil on canvas 70cm x 90cm

Liefde means love in Swahili inspired by the love and protection that only a mother can give. This piece was exhibited at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St. Julians Malta.



‘Queen Victoria’ oil on canvas 70cm x 90cm

This piece was created for an exhibition titled “A tale of A City” in honour of various monuments in our capital city Valletta which one of them is the prestigious Queen Victoria in memory of our colonial period.


TheLemonTree 180x 100

‘The Lemon Tree’ oil on canvas 180cm x 100cm

This is a private commission painting which represents a view from a roof, the owner’s roof with an artistic twist.



‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee’

Digital art created with abode ideas inspired from Alice in wonderland but with a zombie twist, my own version of the characters which is a project line I am working on.



‘View from a Plane’ oil on canvas

This is the view from a plane when approaching Malta international Airport. The city depicted is the medieval Mdina also called the silent city.



 Lisa K. Salerno is an Art Writer with the London-based publication Niji Magazine, and Art Editor and a regular Art Columnist at Inigo Online. Her art and writing has also been featured in the Autism Speaks website, the Artful Vagabond, The Connecticut River Review and in several other online and print publications.