Featured Artist: Karina Fay

Karina Fay is a contemporary New Zealand based artist and designer where she owns an art studio and gallery. Her work is exhibited both locally and internationally – including exhibitions in Samoa, Rarotonga, New Zealand, Wanaka and Dunedin.
Melt – Karina Fay 2015 (1m x 50cm)
“There’s a light up ahead – shining.  So bright it shines through everything. Through the darkest clouds, the brightest sunshine and the brightest universe…”
The calm after the storm
The calm after the Storm – Karina Fay 2015 (1m x 50cm)
“so bright I know I’m home, so bright I can always count on it, so bright, so high, so free…”
 The Red Zone
The Red Zone – Karina Fay 2014 (1m x 75cm)
The Red Zone has been with me every step of the way.  Inspired by the Christchurch earthquake and painted to beautiful music – The Red Zone tells a story – many stories…”
Flash – Monark Gallery 2016
“The journey’s been long, the journey’s been awesome, the journey’s always beginning.  I know this place, I know the writing, I know.”
Peak Light – Monark Gallery 2016
“I am transported somewhere.  Moonlight flickers through the trees and shadows sway and move with the light breeze.”
 Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest – Monark Gallery 2016
“On the side I catch a glimpse – a blanket of diamonds sprawled out between the undergrowth and I stop for a breath.  Not one, but dozens of glistening webs line both sides of the path.  And this one is special, as if it were placed there by a giants hand – so delicate, so perfect, so crisp and clear”
 To follow Karina Fay or learn more about her work: www.karinafayblog.wordpress.com