King by Kathleen A. Lawrence


(abecedarian starting with B)

B.B. beats,
Coolly canoodles
Delicious ditties
E7 etudes
Fiddling fine fugues.
Guitar genuflects
Honeydew harmonicas
Insouciant instrumentals.
Jubilantly jamming,
King keenly
Loves Lady Lucille.
Mulling Mississippi, mavens
Nod ’n’ nosh
On oyster’s obligato, offertory of
Plectrum-plucked pearls.
Quivering quicksilver, quarter-note
River rhapsody, rhythmic
Strains of sweet shoo-fly,
Toe tapping.
Ultimate unbuttoned urbane,
Velour vinyl verses
Waxing warbled words,
eXhaling exponentially exquisite,
Yeah yeah.
Zillions zoom zinging
Angelic arcing axe,
Boxcar bumping blues.
B.B., take a bow.


Published in Composing Poetry: A Guide to Writing Poems and Thinking Lyrically, a poetry-writing textbook by Gerard LaFemina, Kendall Hunt, December 2016.