Movie Review: Get Out

By Katherene Garry


Get Out



Genre: Horror/Thriller


After a few months of dating, Ruth (Allison Williams) decided that it was time to bring her boyfriend, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), upstate to meet her parents. Chris was scared of the fact that her parents wouldn’t accept him because of his color. Not only do they accept him, but things slowly start turning for the worse.


First of all, I don’t watch horror/thriller movies because I live alone, HOWEVER this movie was EVERYTHING!  I walked out of the movie theatre with deep thoughts. Jordan’s directing debut was a success! The writing and acting was very good. There are so many things going on in this movie that’ll make you say “WOAH!”

This is what I noticed in the movie:

  • Racial Slur for “Buck.” It was a sentimental thing throughout the movie that some people may not get.
  • For the first time, “picking cotton” was used in a positive way! (Power to the cotton HALLELUJAH!)
  • Black people dealing with being in a “sunken place”. See the struggle of what black folks go through to survive America. Trying to move forward successfully in life, but getting pushed back. Being told ALL OUR LIVES that we can not amount to anything. Being blinded by our power!
  • When racial profiling from a cop was NEEDED! Check that ID. The cop is doing his darn job!
  • TRUST ISSUES. Aww, you’re family want to meet me? Cool, tell them to come over to my place. I got TV dinners!



When you see ‘Get Out,’ go and link up with another person and talk about this movie because someone may have noticed something you didn’t catch.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!! This movie gets 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥