Through the Lens with Lee Baker



About two years ago I started my journey through the world of photography by accident. When I say accident, I’m referring to my previous travels where I would document my travels via my handy Apple iPhone and upload some information about the destination, food or culture to Facebook.Lee5

A friend who is a professional photographer had invited me to one his workshops where he had discussed DSLR and all their functions which at that time made no sense to me. He influenced me to try my hand at digital photography. Within a couple of months I found myself at my local JB Hi-Fi having dropped a couple of thousand dollars on gear to only sit in my cupboard for another couple of months. Why you ask? Well the buttons and screen options had made me quite shy and confused. I’m not one to read thoroughly through manuals just out of pure laziness.



A few months had gone by at this time, and I ventured as far as my backyard taking photos of available things around me and none of this was ever shared on social media until my cousin and I ventured to Sydney for the Meguiars MotorEx show. Excited about being in a new place on a ‘boys weekend’, I quickly became familiar with my camera’s capabilities, having shot the car show, boudoir and street photography. A lot of walking was done that weekend.

My Cousin was impressed with the photos and encouraged me to upload particular photos on social media and gauge a reactLee6ion. The reaction was receptive. Lee 2

Shortly after this, my father had presented me with a 1983 Minolta X-300 he purchased when I was born. He did not become familiar with the SLR and it was stored away until several years later in 2015 when he presented the SLR to me. It was at this point, that aperture and shutter speed readings abruptly, yet politely, made sense to me as Lee4I began to avoid any mistakes my father previously made and learn the primitive function of an SLR.

With time and budget working against me, I then decided to attend workshops and meet professionals and other like-minded people in the industry. I maintain that I am primarily self-taught with no formal training other than the YouTube channels I frequent.

The more I shot and uploaded, the more I was approached for collaborations and since then have worked with a variety of people including models, athletes, musicians, an international actress, erotic dancers, escorts and an adult film star. Even a child hood friend’s wedding. These people we’re so interesting to converse with when we had planned our shoots that I then started conducting short interviews discussing their lifestyle and passions.



In 2017 I was featured in the February and March issue of Photogenyc Magazine and am in discussion about their June issue.





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