When I Saw Death: A Novel by Pete M. Ward

“The Spirit Council believes that in a world where we cause each other pain so freely, the only way to slow us down and make us actually learn to love again, is to let us feel some of the pain that we cause. The only problem is: Matthias loves to live. He grows to love his new family and his new life. He knows what he has to do, but he doesn’t know if he will have the willpower to do it.”


Pete M. Ward has written an ingenious story of love, loss and redemption in his phenomenal debut novel WHEN I SAW DEATH.  As an author he
has gone where few dare to go and even fewer succeed. Unlike most novels of this genre, WHEN I SAW DEATH is one of the most inspiring stories of the season!


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Pete’s story will captivate the hearts of every reader who’s ever been through the darkest time with their child. Centered on Matthias, an adorable child with traumatic asthma, WHEN I SAW DEATH delves into the minds and hearts of the doomed child, the friends, and family members who must travel the road with him and the mother who must bear the pain and joy of her son’s short life.  

When Matthias a six-year-old near perfect son suffers his first asthma attack, his mother Ava is devastated by the thought of the impending death of her only child.

Now frustratingly poor she places emphasis on keeping her child’s chin up her heart safe.  As all she can do to keep his spirits up, as well as her own. But all Eva can do is live each day with Matthias full of joy, love and hope!

With wisdom and courage that touches the heart, Matthias tries to prepare his loved ones for his death, never realizing he’s going to be blessed with the ultimate destiny – eternal life through death. Follow Matthias on his journey, from life until death, as he learns what true love feels like, and he is given the opportunity to change the lives he touches. In the end, the fate of many persons’ hearts lies in the hands of  eight-year-old Mathis. Will he sacrifice himself, to complete his assigned task to save the people, or will he selfishly decide to remain in the first place where he finds comfort?

…and can he findunnamed-2 it in himself to complete his mission?

Through heartache and healing, you will no doubt enjoy every minute that you spend with Matthias and be amazed by the lives he touches, and the information he uncovers along the way!

Together, Ava and Matthias set out on a journey filled with courage and love, not knowing exactly what their future holds, and learning to live in the present, helping more people along the way than they had ever thought possible.

Written in the honest and unassuming voice of Matthias, Mr. Ward weaves a tale worthy of critical and popular acclaim.  His sensitivity and treatment will create a wellspring of tears and joy in every reader. Get your copy today and join the growing legions of fans awed by the wonder and magic of WHEN I SAW DEATH!

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“Three other small children ran ahead of us in a way that they were very familiar with their surroundings. There were my two brothers and sister. We eventually came to the end of the forest and stopped at a roadway where everyone excitedly sat on the railing waiting for our father, Michael. And in a short moment, I saw him walking towards was, all of my siblings ran forward to help with the many parcels he carried. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood still and admired the way he looked at me as he walked closer. And then the most remarkable thing happened, my dad, picked me up in his arms and swung me around his back and carried me home.”

“What was I supposed to do now? I couldn’t stay out wandering the streets, especially at night like this. If anyone was to drive by they’d find me suspicious, a kid walking around by themselves in the dead of night. It would be especially bad if a police car drove by, because they’d almost certainly stop and then I’d have to answer some difficult questions.”

“As we ran alongside the hunter and the animal, I couldn’t help but notice that the animal was still alive and almost unnoticeably, but seemingly painfully gasping for air. He seemed weak but yet still alive. As I passed him his eyes opened slightly to look at me, I slowed down but Sue pulled on me a bit to hustle me forward. I thought I saw tears in its eyes.”

Pete M. Ward is a multi-talented author who writes dramatic stories filled with inspired emotion and controversial subjects that no one will touch, but everyone wants to read.  As a writer, he’s often inundated with questions concerning everything from being an author to the publishing industry and even his personal life.

Pete has become a veritable expert on many subjects.  Whether from the school of life, disciplined research or academic pursuits, Mr. Ward is conversant on many topics.  An hour with Mr. Ward is a lesson in excellence.  His professional persona is known world-wide, and anyone who hears him speak will forever remember the raw power of his words and the sheer energy of his presence!

WHEN I SAW DEATH, has garnered so much pre-published praise that it seems destined to become a runaway bestseller.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Mr. Ward and is familiar with his exceptional work ethic and ingenious creativity!

Coming from a business background that includes global logistics, supply chain management, and production support, Mr. Ward seems a most unlikely candidate to produce such critically and commercially acclaimed fiction.  His resumé reads like a Who’s Who in Business and his academic accomplishments are vast and impressive, including an MBA.  This Trinidad and Tobago native brings new meaning to success with his extraordinary business and professional pursuits!

As accomplished as he is in his business life, it seems natural for the same unparalleled work ethic to manifest within the pages of WHEN I SAW DEATH— the sensitive story of a young boy’s acceptance of early death and his mother’s struggle to accept the future by courageously living every moment in the present.  Young Matthias and his mother will touch the hearts of readers and leave an indelible mark of joy in the wake of tears.

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with the pending loss of a loved one and the bittersweet experience of letting go and loving completely will adore this novel.  Mr. Ward’s writing is an inspiring story that lifts the hearts and elevates the lives of everyone who reads it!  Get your copy today and join the legions of fans whose lives are being transformed by the beauty of WHEN I SAW DEATH!


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