We are closed for the summer but are accepting

fall and winter submissions. 


  • We are looking for three things: Talent, quality and impact.
  • We share every published piece on our social media sites to help promote your work.
  • We do accept previously published works as long as you own the rights.
  • We do not charge reading fees. All submissions are free.
  • If you do not hear from us within three weeks, it means we passed. We wish we could feature all but that is not possible.
  • At this time, we cannot pay for submissions, but we do offer you the glory of being published and the chance to feature your work in front of a new audience!


Send all submissions, except art, to and follow the directions for your particular category found below. Thanks!


Send a pitch briefly describing your acting journey. Include any links, bio, a few photos and video clips.


Send six photos of your work or a quality video. In your query, provide us with a brief bio. Also, include your artist statement. Write your NAME in the subject line.  Address your work to Lisa K Salerno and send to 


We feature reviews and/or the first chapter of your non-fiction or fiction book. The book needs to be completed and available for purchase or pre-order. Send us the cover photo, a brief summary, reviews, the first chapter and links to purchase the book. Write BOOK and TITLE in the subject line. Short stories: We accept any genre. Please keep the word count below 3,000 words and paste it into the body of the email. WE WILL NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS. In the subject line, write SHORT STORY, the TITLE and WORD COUNT. Please include a brief description of the story in your query and a brief bio.


Send your favorite blog post pasted into the body of the email and a link to your blog. Write BLOG and CATEGORY in your subject line. Provide us with a brief bio and summary of your blog.


We are looking for articles of 800 words or less. The article can focus on your expertise, your journey, a day in the life of or give advice while highlighting your business/product or invention. You can include up to three photos (Yourself, product or the business.)  We will consider adding professional quality videos as well. Paste everything into the body of the email. Write ARTICLE and TYPE OF BUSINESS in your subject line.

Culinary Artists/Foodies/Restaurant Owners:

If you have a YouTube/ Vimeo channel or blog send us the link. If you do reviews, send a review. Have an awesome recipe to share with the world? Send it. Send professional photos, too, we love photos! Include a brief bio and a story behind your channel/business/restaurant/blog. Write FOOD and TYPE into your subject line.


Send a description of your piece, photos taken on set (if available) and video clips or trailer. Tell us why you created it, or are creating it, and include a brief bio. Put FILMMAKER and TITLE


Send us audio/video links to your music, photos you would like featured and tell us your story. All should be pasted into the body of the email. Write MUSIC and GENRE into your subject line.

Personal Essays:

All professions are invited to submit a personal essay. Please keep it related to your project or pursuing your dreams; the struggles, the rewards, advice or a day in the life of. The word count should be no more than 1000 words. Write PERSONAL ESSAY and TITLE in your subject line.  Here is a great article on writing personal essays.


Send us the photos you would like to share with the public. Limit eight photos. Photos should be watermarked. Describe each photo, why you took it and what it means to you. Give us a brief bio. Paste everything into the body of the email. Write PHOTOGRAPHY in your subject line. If you have a website, make sure to include it so that people can find your work.


Poetry submissions are closed.

 If you did not see a category that fits your description, go ahead and send us a pitch. We are open to new ideas.